Solar just turned Loyal 100% Refund after 10-25 yrs

100% refund back

after 10, 12, 15, 20 or up to 30 years. Your call!


Doctor Solar now announces a full refundable Loyalty program for all our solar purchase clients. This means that for example in 15 years you will get the entire amount you paid for the solar back in a full refund. Never before offered. Loyalty has its perks! You still receive the tax credits, NJ SRECS and savings as well. 


The LOYALTY program;

It an add on or an option by a third party company that is double insured and held in Trust for your benefit. Also at the half way point for example 7.5 years you can receive half your investment back. There is other options besides a 15 year refund but this is a game changing incredible offer now available to you. 

Loyalty 100% Refund Upgrade

Never before offered now you can own the solar and get all your money back. But its better than that: Call Us!

ROAR Solar

OLD ROOF – We will Rip Off And Reinstall the Solar so you can get your roof replaced.  Starting at $150 per panel.

IRS and NJ 

The IRS will subsidize up to 40% of the cost and the state of NJ program will pay 30 to 60% of the remaining balance. 

WHAT WE DO Solar – Charging Stations – Remove and reinstall for re-roofs and insurance claims!

We provide
design and installation of solar PV panels for you.

Perfect 5.0 reviews accross all  review boards. We are now a top 351st ranking in the entire US as one of the top solar contractors. 


We provide solutions with care. 
Offering Removals for New Roofs at $150 or so per panel plus promoting Electric Car Charging Stations.

Remember the IRS and the state of NJ will help you reduce or eliminate your energy company. 

Residential Solar 

We have a portfolio of around 60% residential installs which include a large core of Non-profit installs in group homes.

Non-Profits and Military

We have  won and continue to install a large state wide Non-Profit group housing entity in New Jersey. We completed 2 Installation on the Marine Base in Virginia at Quantico. 

For your Business

New Jersey’s new SREC-II program subsidizes and pays 30-60% or more of the solar installation cost. 


Perfect compliment to services and installing your solar is Gutter Guards. 

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Please do your homework and call the Doctor and we will guide you the right way. 

[Loyalty has its perks!]